Services Provided

Delivery of clear and practical occupational health & safety advice that makes good business sense across many business sectors.  A safe working environment is established in an office, Construction site, Shop, Salon or an Engineering and Fabrication site using the same fundamental approach.

We will happily discuss your occupational health and safety requirements, whether listed below or not, without any obligation.

  • Management system review & development
  • Compliance – to legislative, ISO and/or a Professional Industry Standard.
  • Safety Culture
  • Auditing
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Investigation
  • Training
  • PAT Testing
  • Management system review & development. This could be:
    • the development of specific documents such as a workplace risk assessment and Method Statements (RAMS);
    • implementing a complete HSE process with supporting documents;
    • carrying out a health check on your HSE processes.
  • Compliance – legislative, ISO and/or a Professional Industry Standard.
    • If you ‘think’ or are unsure if you comply with your HSE requirements, we can quickly assess and identify areas that need improving or are missing and provide a practical solution. 
    • If you are looking to attain ISO Certification or accreditation to an industry standard, an analysis of your systems will need to be carried out to identify areas that are missing or need improving. MSS can support you until the Certification/Accreditation is achieved.
  • Safety Culture – Is the way safety is perceived and prioritised in an organisation, not something you can buy.  Employees who do not believe safety is a real priority will cut corners to get the job done and therefore more likely to make unsafe decisions.   Having extensive experience in developing safety cultures we can help by carrying out a review of your organisations safety culture and recommend practical approaches to reduce areas of risk.
  • Auditing – This is defined as an official inspection of an organisations systems by an independent body.  As a certified and experienced Lead Auditor this skill can be used to:
    • support clients in assessing performance to ensure continuous safe performance and compliance.
    • perform an analysis of processes and systems in place for accreditation
  • Fire Risk Assessment – There is a legal requirement for the responsible person of a business premises or site to ensure a site-specific Fire Risk Assessment is carried out.  This could be carried out by themselves or a nominated person.  MSS holds a C06 Fire Risk Assessment Certificate (IFE Approved).
  • Investigation – Any failure that has caused a negative impact on your business should be investigated to identify cause. 
    • Possibly the failure resulted in a substantial financial impact and you want to prevent it happening again. 
    • If the failure could lead to a legal dispute, a robust investigation could support your claim by providing a factual report to present to a claims expert/legal team.
    • If you have had an incident and don’t conduct an adequate investigation, you may not be complying with your legal requirements and are missing out on an opportunity to learn from it.  Not learning from incidents means they will very likely reoccur.   Although it is accepted that the majority of incidents occur due to human failure, the actual root cause(s) is found by identifying why that failure occurred. 

As an experienced investigator and investigation Team Leader we can help you investigate or, provide training on identifying root causes so as to make practical recommendations to prevent re-occurrence.

  • Training – Having developed and rolled out training of various HSE processes and systems such as PtW, Manual Handling, Incident reporting etc. to various disciplines over several years, we can provide tailor made or off the shelf HSE training.  For details on what we provide visit our Training page.
  • PAT Testing – Legislation requires electrical systems and equipment to be maintained to prevent danger.  PAT testing will determine whether electrical equipment is fit for continued service and help you achieve compliance.  Your equipment will be tested, individually marked as tested showing the next test date and a full report of test results provided.  This can include a unique ‘barcode’ Appliance ID label with the report in the form of a spreadsheet at no extra cost.