About Us

Munro Safety Solutions Ltd. Is a company set up by Dave Munro, an experienced Safety Professional and Chartered Member of IOSH, to provide sensible, practical HSE advice, guidance and support to local SME businesses and throughout the UK.

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Delivering clear and practical safety advice that makes good business sense across many business sectors. The approach to a safe working environment is the same whether it is in an Office, Construction site, Shop, Salon or Fabrication site.

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Having developed and rolled out training of various HSE processes and systems such as PtW, Manual Handling, Incident reporting etc. to various disciplines over several years, we can provide tailor made or off the shelf HSE training.

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Detailed, practical Health and Safety Advice.

Whatever the size of your business.

After providing Health, Safety and Environmental support in a safety critical industry for 20 years, Munro Safety Solutions Ltd. returned to Worcester and has been providing Health and Safety consultancy services for businesses in Worcestershire since 2016 where we are ideally positioned to  respond to the needs of our client base.

With experience across several business sectors including Salons, Shops, Engineering & Fabrication and Construction sites, we have the knowledge and experience to scale Health and Safety to perfectly suit your business, without introducing a cumbersome system that can overwhelm small businesses.

Having worked for many years in a multifaceted and safety critical industry that involved many disciplines and cultures, MSS is uniquely experienced in developing and delivering practical HSE solutions. MSS’s vision is to be acknowledged by clients as a consultant that delivers clear and practical safety advice and support that will allow clients to implement effective processes and systems that makes good business sense at an affordable price.

Our goal is to provide you with sensible, practical, cost-effective risk management solutions tailored around the requirements and needs of your business.

We will do this by adhering to the following Values.
•   Respect – that business owners and Managers have a business to run along with being responsible for managing the risks associated with the daily running of their business.
•   Deliver – clear and practical HSE advice and solutions, including user friendly documents that meet the needs of the client and can be implemented with as little disruption to the business as possible.
•   Integrity – by identifying the clients actual needs at an affordable and reasonable cost.
•   Trust – by providing a professional quality service that the client can be assured will satisfy their stated requirements with no recommended ‘additional services’.